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We want to share with our fans some hockey lifestyle videos that we believe represent our brand as a whole. These videos display what Beauty Status really is and the lifestyle within the game. The videos also display characteristics of how we look at life. Its more than a game, its a lifestyle.

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Made Hockey Tutorial, Hockey Life in London


TSN's Cabbie Richards interviews a few NHL stars on what their definition of a "beauty" is.

Make Hockey Happen from Brian Ceci on Vimeo.

Another favorite of ours, this is the life at its finest. Hockey and beer, only thing missing is a few ladies for good measure.


You wake up early during the summer to train, it may not make much sense at the time but you do it anyways because you want to get better at your game. Whether it be squats, sprints, or ripping some pucks at an old tarp in your back yard, do something everyday to get better. Somewhere someone is working that much harder than you, don't let them outwork you.


A huge favorite of ours here at Beauty Status, this video really displays everything about the hockey lifestyle...minus the party.