Team Iceland (White)

Our boy Gunnar Stahl got word of the Triple Deke Collection and convinced us that Team Iceland needed a tribute. Lets get real, Team Iceland was sick - Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson as bench boss, Olaf Sanderson stirring the pot with the Bash Bro's, even Bombay got ICE cream with the enemy.

Raise a glass of Icelandic vodka in the name of Russ Tyler and the Ducks as the Champion of the Junior Goodwill Games...

"Lets go shake their hands"

  • High quality fabric + inside sweat absorbing headband
  • Mesh back
  • Structured front, low crown
  • Slight curved brim - as shown
  • Premium patch logo on front
  • Plastic snap enclosure
  • Signature Beauty Status label on back
  • White and black